Firstly let me introduce myself. I’m Fiona and live in Edinburgh with my partner Peter and our hamster Patches.

I decided to start this Blog because Peter suffers from numerous food allergies and intolerances. Whilst it is fairly easy to source recipes which are gluten free, dairy free or egg free finding recipes that cover all of these and an allergy to pulses, raw tomatoes, shellfish, certain nuts and fruits and certain additives has proved difficult if not well nigh impossible.

Being a keen cook I decided to develop my own or adapt existing recipes to suit.

Not all of the recipes will be free from all of these ingredients but they will be free from at least one of the main categories.

I hope you’ll enjoy this culinary journey as much as I will.

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  1. Delighted with this Fiona esp with self as lactose intolerant (but is bad and eats anyway) me and daughter who is allergic to raw toms too, celery (and all celery family) and cashew nuts and also not like idea of eating eggs.
    We are a veggie/ vegan family too.
    Kate x

  2. Hi Fiona,,
    Congratulations on creating such a lovely space. Fantastic photographs and love the way you write your blog. You can almost smell the yummy food and I’m definitely going to try some of them! Good luck 🙂 xx

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