Midsummer Murders(of the Plant Kind)

Midsummer Murders(of the Plant Kind)

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Midsummer Day has just past and now we can start saying the nights are fair drawing in again. Unfortunately so far this year they have failed to draw out as much as usual. We seem to subject to erratic jet stream activity giving us lower than average temperatures and a lot of cloud, rain and even snow at the beginning of the month.

I might seem to be griping about the weather in true British fashion, but this year I decided to really try and grow some veg, fruit and flowers. The first tenderly nurtured seedlings planted out after the fear of frosts died en masse either drowning or being dug up by neighbours cat.

The second batch raised outside in propagator and now planted seem to be surviving if not thriving. The seed tape of flowers seems to be completely dormant or dead.

Strawberry plants and Rhubarb crown are doing well and the Violas that Peter bought for my birthday are blooming like no ones business.

I need to lop back the Elder trees threatening to over shade the herb garden again but 5 varieties of Mint, Lemon Balm, Sage, Chives and Garlic Chives, Italian Parsley, Ladies Mantle, Marjoram and Rosemary are all fine. The Lovage which all but died last year is 5 ft tall and looks to be getting taller. I might even try and plant some lavender again I seem to kill it off on a regular basis but that might be down to too acidic soil and garden turning into a rice paddy when it rains.

We do however produce a great crop of buttercups, sticky willy, ground elder and enough nettles to sting a small county.

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