New Country and Brown Cheese


I have not been very active lately on this website as lot has been happening in my life. Peter had a MSc project to do to complete his MSc so that meant that I was busy with other things. He passed with flying colours, thank goodness. Then he had to get a Phd position. After a lot of applications and discussions he accepted a placement in Trondheim, Norway. So a few months of getting a place to live packing and shipping our stuff ensued.


We have been here for 3 weeks now and are gradually adjusting to our new home and country. As neither of us speak Norwegian it has been a steep learning curve. I lived in Norway for a year when I was eight but have forgotten everything I knew of the language apart from a few phrases. Luckily most people speak English and are patient with us, but forms and instructions are in Norwegian and google translate can lead to some bemusing head scratching.

Looking forward to devising recipes from Norway and other Nordic countries. One of the reasons I give for moving here is Brontost(Brown cheese) and waffles although there are many others.


Fish will feature quite a lot in our diet and as we both love it no bad thing.

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