Spring is Sprung

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Spring is sprung, the grass is riz. I wonder where the birdies is.
They say the birdies on the wing, but that’s absurd.
I always thought the wing was on the bird.

With the brighter morning’s and better(for the moment) weather. I’ve been starting to set seed in trays and even bought a couple of small Calendula plants.

There is a Scottish saying “Neer cast a clout til May is out” meaning don’t take off your coat until the end of May.

I didn’t follow the advise and wandered up to the local once a month Farmers Market in a T-shirt and cardigan on Saturday. I seemed to have survived but the saying is apt with regards to Scottish Weather and garden planting.

We are due frosts over the next few days so planting or sowing seeds outside would not be a good idea, however much I’m champing at the bit to sew herbs and vegetables. Until the end of April- Mid May frosts can kill anything off. Lavender never seems to survive here. Hopefully we will have decent spring weather to encourage growth.

I’ve got Lavender to sow, mixed edible flowers such as Calendula and Nasturtiums, Moroccan mint, Greek Basil, Radishs, Mooli, Beetroot, Swiss Chard, Round Courgettes, Dill, French Beans, Garlic chives, Bunching Onions, and Mustard Greens plus a few others Indian seeds.

I will just have to enjoy the daffodils from garden instead and concoct springtime recipes.


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